Ruth Keesling Awarded Honorary Doctorate

The Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund (MGCF) is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the critically endangered Mountain Gorillas in Africa, their habitat, and working with the people around the National Parks. We have been doing this ever since Dian Fossey asked for help back in 1983.

It's Working
When Ruth Keesling took over the work after Dr. Dian Fossey's murder there were only 248 known mountain gorillas in the world. None of these animals are in captivity. Today, there are an estimated 880 alive and that makes them the only Great Ape that is posting a positive increase in their population numbers.


Veterinary Medicine and Education
MGCF introduced wildlife veterinary medicine back in 1986 through the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project or Gorilla Doctors. In 1996, MGCF developed a working relationship with the Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda and opened the WARM Department (Wildlife Animal Resources Management) for the teaching of wildlife medicine to the Africans make the project self sustainable. Today, many students have graduated and are working with wildlife in many national parks around the central African region. These Veterinarians have also created an organization called, The Uganda Wildlife Veterinary Network. It turns out that on-site vets are one of the biggest reasons that these animals are making a comeback. MORE INFO


Ruth Keesling Wildlife Health and Research Center
A first of its kind for Africa's wildlife. Scheduled to open in September the facility will drastically increase the educational support system for teaching African's about Wildlife Veterinary Medicine. The Center has a state of the art lecture facility for large class room capacity. Two research laboratory building which house a total of eighteen labs all designed for researching wildlife infectious diseases. The fourth building is designed for grant research and post graduate office space. The basement houses the Bio Hazard Lab for the safe containment of wildlife infectious diseases and monitored by USAID's Predict professional staff. MORE INFO




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